Receive a brief snapshot of some of the items that Jasmine has advocated on behalf of residents. This list is not comprehensive and does not depict other initiatives or legislation that Jasmine has supported over the years.

Youth and Education

*Successfully requested the reinstatement of the City's Youth Commission and creation of the Office on Youth after 20 years of being dismantled. *Received $300,000 to establish a youth workforce program to employ youth with barriers to employment. *Received Early Childhood Grant to address access to Pre-K, parent support, wrap-around services, and to create an Early Learning Taskforce. *Establishment of Midnight Basketball program that encourages mentors, business, and public safety members to engage with youth. *Spearheaded the creation of the ImPower Youth Conference. *Completed the Let’s Move Cities, Towns, and Counties national initiative to combat childhood obesity and earned recognition from the Obama Administration. *Partnered with the John Randolph Foundation to establish Youth Councils at Hopewell High School and Carter G. Woodson to connect youth to their local government *Successfully advocated for the Hopewell Public Schools to join "No Kid Hungry" Virginia to ensure that children have access to breakfast and lunch at school.

Opportunity & Equity

*Received Cities of Opportunity Grant to build a framework to address equity, social and economic factors within the City. *Championed the creation of the One Hopewell Community Services building to expand community resources with strategic partners and centralize services for residents in one location. *Received grant with CityHealth Dashboard and NYU Langone to obtain census data on social and economic factors to isolate community tread to address access to opportunity. *Established partnership that received Health Equity Grant to address social determinates of health to improve quality of life. *Establishing Neighborhood Councils utilizing data to ensure equitable solutions to neighborhood concerns to promote formalize Health-In-All-Policies policy. *Successfully advocated for the City to enroll and provide the HomeServe Service Utility Program. The affordable warranty program provides residents with the covered for home repairs with no deductibles or service charges. Local contractors are used and the City receives an annual donation each year from membership.

Covid-19 & Healthy Living

*Successfully requested for City Council to approve a local ordinance to provide tax relief due to the Covid-19 pandemic. *Successfully requested for City to participate in Governor's Health Equity Program for at-risk populations to receive 10,000 cloth masks and 10,000 bottles of sanitizer delivered to doorsteps. *Received 10,000 Disposable Masks for at-risk residents. *Received 10,000 KN95 Masks for Election Day for workers and residents. *Received 900+ N95 Mask donation for Ward 4 residents. *Received 1,300 Surgical Masks for Ward 4 Residents. *Received 25 gallons of sanitizer for Ward 4 residents. 10% Discount for citywide PPE from National League of Cities (NLC) Partner, SC Health. *Partnered with the Hopewell Downtown Partnership to obtain a federal grant. Local Foods, Local Places helps cities and towns across the country protect the environment and human health by engaging with local partners to reinvest in existing neighborhoods as they develop local food systems. *Successfully advocated for the relaunch of the "My Healthy Hometown" Free Prescription Saving Card for medications, vaccinations, and pet medications. *Lead effort to provide healthy vending options at all publicly owned properties to promote healthy eating. *Served as the Healthy Eating, Active Living (HEAL) local government representative in partnership with the Crater Health Department to champion HEAL grant goals.

Civic Engagement

*Spearheaded the 2015/16 Citizen Town Halls and adoption of a Citywide Strategic Plan after an eight-year hiatus of a comprehensive city plan. *Spearheaded the 2019 Citizen Town Halls and revision of the Citywide Strategic Plan to include community and resident focus goals. *Successfully advocated for the implementation of an online Citizen Complaint software so that City Councilors could have the knowledge and track resident complaints. The system also provides residents with a mobile option to track complaints and directly interact with department staff. *Successfully advocated for the implementation of Council Live in 2018 to live stream City Council Meetings and archive videos online for residents. *Received a state grant to implement Polco, an innovative online polling system for civic engagement with City Hall. *Successfully advocated for the implementation of Muncidoe, to create a public legal library of City ordinances, resolutions, and laws for public access. *Successfully advocated for the purchase of an online Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) software for the public. *Lead the effort to list all City boards, commissions, and authorities online - with vacancies to diversify membership. *Championed effort to establish a bi-weekly e-newsletter, "Council Connections" to share updates from City Council with the public.


*Successfully advocated for the creation of an Ad-Hoc website committee to redesign the City's website and increase the use of social media. *Advocated for the creation of a new marketing and webmaster position to bring IT and online interaction in-house. *Successfully Championed the purchase of an online agenda software to streamline agenda creation and access to agenda packets to the public. *Championed effort for City Council to software to expand online services for residents such as online payment, online forms, etc for the digital transformation of services. *Lead effort to install monitors at City Hall to share information with the public, directional information and access to agenda packets.


*Successfully requested for City Council earn state Virginia Values Veterans (V3) Certification for Military Workforce Development. *Successfully requested for the City to establish a Hire Vets Now Fellowship SkillBridge Program to provide on-the-job training to transitioning service members. *Hosted Military Families and Veteran Town Hall. *Partnered with Fort Lee’s Office of MWR and the Hopewell Department of Parks & *Recreation to waive fees for the month of April to celebrate Military children. *Successfully requested for the City to participate in the national Mayors Challenge to End Veteran Homelessness. *First to recognize the contributions of Women Veteran employees and strategic partners at City Hall with an official pinning ceremony.

City Hall

*Successfully lead the effort to add Communication from Citizens back to City Council *Meeting Agendas and include an online form for submissions during Covid-19. *Successfully advocated for the City to conduct an external Technology and Performance Review of City Hall departments. *Organized effort to revitalize the I-295 corridor that included new signage, clean-up, and landscaping. *Successfully advocated for City Council's support to adjust the City's financial policy towards financial audits, directing City Staff to make resolutions to findings immediately. *Successfully advocated for the City to enroll in the U.S Communities Government Purchasing Alliance program to receive discounts from employers and utilize cooperative purchasing. *Championed the effort for the City to purchase an Open Finance software to display city finances and use of taxpayers' dollars in real-time for public view. *Spearheaded effort to develop a city-wide fraud, waste, and abuse policy. *Lead effort for the City to become a Certified Local Government to support local and federal historic preservation. *Spearheaded effort to renovate Council Chambers and establish two resident reception areas to provide a space for residents to be greeted, obtain information, and request meetings with members of City Council. *Partnered with CGI to obtain 6 community videos to showcase the city and strategic partners and online app. *Requested City Council support a partnership with the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs to replace information display signs in the Historic District. *Received grant to provide City with access to database of local, state, and federal grants

Public Safety

*Successfully requested City Council host Annual Community Crime Summits. *Championed effort for the City to adjust tracking crime statistics to include incidents of shots fired and overdoses. *Leading effort to include public safety as an element of health/quality of life by addressing the symptoms of crime through analyzing city data to map neighborhoods with the greatest need of resources.


*Partnered with "Grow with Google" formally known as "Grow Your Business Online Program​ with Google" to provide free resources and training to local businesses. *Spearheaded effort to "Cut the Red Tape" to promote how to start a business online and establish virtual information for entrepreneurs.

Leadership Positions


  • Chair - Local Government Advisory Committee for the Chesapeake Bay

  • Chair - Crater Regional Workforce Region

  • Member - Virginia Board of Medicine


  • National League of Cities (Leadership Positions) - Board of Directors, NLC Advisory Committee, and Young Municipal Leaders Advisory Committee

  • National Leauge of Cities Steering Committees - Resolutions, Nominations, Finance, Administration & Intergovernmental Relations, Military Communities, and Small Cities

  • National Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials - Fellow, Region 3 (Ky., Md., Del., Va., Washington, W. Va.) Director, and At-Large Board Member


  • VCU College of Humanities and Science Dean's Advisory Committee

  • Virginia Municipal League Steering Committees - Economic Development and Federal Advocacy (4th Congressional District)


  • Vice Mayor  2012-2014

  • Vice Mayor  2016-2018

  • Mayor 2018-2020